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Too Much Water Causes Septic Tank Pumping

The Problem with Too Much Water

Septic Tank Pumping
Septic Tank Pumping

Water is important for a septic tank to work. It is very crucial for mixing and pumping the solid wastes away from your home. There needs to be a balance between the amount of water and solid waste within our septic tank. If there is an imbalance between the two you will be calling someone for septic tank pumping. Septic services will use water that flushes new water into the system if there is too little water present. It’s similar to when you bring your car in for maintenance. Your car will require fluids to be topped off and replace to perform the normal functions that it should. In this case, keeping an acceptable amount of water to mix and form something like a sludge will allow it to be sucked and pumped out. The water should be a quarter full in the tank, and there are a number of reasons why it should always be maintained that way. Just like cooking requires the correct amount of flour, egg, and oil to make a cake, septic maintenance needs a certain amount of water to allow a proper functioning and maintained the septic tank. It’s amazing the things we take for granted around our home.

Excess water eats up your septic tank space

Water is good for septic pumping, but too much is not good. When we need the extra space in our septic tank, the solution is to use the appropriate amount of water needed to create the sludge. The sludge created between feces and water is the substance that will be sucked out when the septic tank is full. Using excess water will always fill up the tank to a point where there might not be space for accommodating extra wastes from our households. You would call a septic company much sooner to have your septic tank pumped. Septic pumping is not a cheap service, so I would use the appropriate amount of water.

Septic pumping is very crucial though. It is necessary to keep your toilets flushing and removing the waste from your home. Septic pumping aids in the septic tank cleaning and maintenance. So keep the water levels as per the requirements so that space will still remain for the other wastes. This is one of the things you should not need to forget.

Excess water makes solid wastes float hence clogging of pumping outlets

The law of buoyancy dictates that solid wastes should float and that is correct. However, when excess water is introduced into the septic tank then it becomes difficult to do the septic pumping. This is because since the outlets are placed at the topmost section of the septic tank. When solid wastes float, it can block the outlets. You will need to call your septic company. With that idea at hand, you need to make sure that you pump out the excess as a means of doing septic maintenance or call your septic company.

How to avoid too much water running into the septic tank

The septic service providers will always tell you what is needed to avoid excess water in your septic. Septic companies prefer introducing water themselves when it is time for your next septic pumping. Another way too much water gets into the septic tank is the water from your laundry room. To avoid excess water entering the system, just make sure that laundry waste water is released into the open grassland away from grazing fields. Problem solved!

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