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Water Heater

Water Heater
Water Heater

When it comes to taking showers and baths, it is important to have plenty of hot water. When kids take showers before me and then I get in for mine, I get to enjoy a cold shower. That is not my idea of an enjoyable and relaxing shower. When I got my tankless water heater I saw so many benefits, that I wouldn’t dream of going back to a traditional water heater. With endless and instant hot water, energy savings, money savings, increasing my home value, and so many more benefits to enjoy. With that being said it’s also important to know the cons to owning a tankless water heater.

Hot Water Lag
A tankless water heater works instantly, but there is a lag time. The faucet is the catalyst to get the hot water for your shower. When you turn the faucet on, you will be removing the cold water between the faucet and the heat exchanger. If these two are located far apart, it will take a little longer to get your endless hot water.

Temperature Inconsistencies
If you have 3 bathrooms and everyone decides to take a shower at the same time, you can experience some temperature issues. This can also be impacted if you have multiple appliances like the dishwasher and laundry going in your washing machine. The heat exchanger may not be able to keep up, and you may experience changes in temperature.

Cost of System
Yes, you do save a lot of money on your tankless system on maintenance, and you do get a lot of years out of your system. However, when you purchase and install a tankless water system, it will cost you a lot more money for the luxury water heater. It costs more for labor since this system is more complex and labor intensive.

Warranty Issues
If you do not adhere to the maintenance requirements, your tankless water heater will not be covered. So anything from adding water softener system as needed or an annual cleaning may be in your maintenance requirements. These are added costs that home buyers don’t realize when considering a water heater.

Energy Star

tankless water heater
tankless water heater

Energy Star types of water heaters allow home buyers to save on monthly energy savings and even qualify for a tax credit. Unfortunately, sometimes the savings to install a tankless system may not be worth it depending on your preference and size of your residence.

Despite all the cons, I still find a tankless water heater far superior to any other water heater out there. With the benefits of saving money and enjoying endless hot water, the pros far out way the cons in owning one of these systems. These systems are the money saving option though they do cost more than the traditional. They are the luxury option for water heaters. It’s important to weight out all options before making such a big purchase. Tankless water heaters are not the solution for all homeowners, but you will find they are the solution for most.

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